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  • A Perfect Rental-Karyn Meyers millennial investments for income summer cottages and lake cottages investments and sales.  We are real estate specialists in sales and leasing with over fifty years of successful knowledge and experience in investment/ Millennial investments and management. We know where the best income properties are for the best return of investment, year-round and summer cottages along the shores of Lake Michigan in lazy communities hugging the shores. We grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan and spent most of our lives in small villages tucked away from the maddening crowd and hustle and bustle of big cities. A Perfect rental. Lake cottages, Millennial investments and sales A Perfect Rental-Karyn Meyers real estate sales and millennial investments year-round and summer cottages in Indiana and Michigan. We also do property management and house management.


            Our Mission is to help you make memories!!!!

A Perfect Rental - Karyn Meyers Millennial investments For Income Summer Cottages

about us

The properties are in areas with years of continued income producing locations in popular lake communities close enough to drive by car but away from your busy everyday life.

We possess years of property management proficiency and know-how, which we make available to our clients for their purchases that are going to be investment properties with happy repeat renters who can’t wait to rent these all season cottages and homes.

We also provide vendors and staff for services for cleaning, landscaping, painting, decorating, construction and house watching on a weekly or monthly basis. Our staff will go in and get the house ready for you or a renter, whether it is to turn on the lights and put the heat up or stock the refrigerator for a weekend. If you need other services performed, just ask us.

We are licensed to buy, sell or lease in these areas and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

We will help you find the best property for your family or your income needs.

 Your real estate business is our priority.