Blueberry picking, visit a farm and pick your own corn from the stalks or grab a lettuce from the ground.

Spend an entire weekend in a bathing suit and shorts and t-shirt with sneakers...I HAVE TONS OF TIMES...ALL OF THE ABOVE...over and over again and it never gets old! This is how I was raised in our summer home, country cottage and family home.

Chasing the waves at the water’s edge, being buried in the sand or building a great sand castle only to be destroyed by high tide! Knowing the best time to be at the beach is late afternoon when the birds come to the water’s edge to play with the tide rolling in and out on the private beaches in your community.

If you are a millennial this is the perfect investment for you. You are not buying condos so you need something to tell Uncle Sam. Buy an income property and hold a few weeks for yourself but rent it year round. By the time you are ready to settle down and have your own family, you will have a summer cottage paid off. A great country home for your family to enjoy for years to come, making memories.

Beach resorts are economical and safe and won’t break your bank like crossing the pond or traveling to parts unknown. The only travel cost is a few tanks of gas.  Many of these homes are walking distance to the lake and private beaches with a lifeguard.  The homes come fully equipped with everything you need for the beach, internet/tv and all the comforts of home and device and electronic friendly. When you leave, you just leave the key where you found it, take your personal belongings and a maid service comes in behind you and cleans up. Now that’s a vacation! The turnaround time for renting is only a few hours to clean up. So one renter can leave before noon and the new renter can show up early enough to walk to the lake with a glass of bubbly to catch the sunset. Does it get any better than this?

These homes rent up usually by mid-March and are rented through Labor Day. There is also a great fall/winter market because you are so close to the city for long weekends. Many of these homes rent year round and once you get to May, it is almost impossible to find something to rent for the summer.

There is no downside. This is a chance of a lifetime and here is the best part. You can rent these homes for most of the season and keep a few weeks for yourself. This investment is one of the safest and if you just want to buy and use it yourself, your investment holds its value because there are always people who want a place in the country. Country living, a cottage close by, a getaway place, a hideaway, a little love nest or your family home away from home.

Let us help you “MAKE MEMORIES”.


A Perfect Rental, L.L.C.- Karyn Meyers Millennial investments For Income Summer Cottages

A Perfect Rental, L.L.C. - Karyn Meyers

​​a perfect rental-karyn meyers real estate sales and investment millennial investments Lake michigan summer cottages and property management.We will help you find the perfect income property in Michigan and Indiana stretched along Lake Michigan from Beverly Shores to Harbert county. Whether you are looking for a quiet beachfront cottage or a cozy retreat in the woods, we will find you the perfect property to fit your wish list.

A Perfect Rental- real estate sales and millennial investments. Lake Michigan summer cottages, residential property and year round income properties along the shores of Lake Michigan in Indiana and Michigan. Investments for Millennials, resulting in tax benefits!

Have you ever traveled to the lake areas of Indiana and Michigan? Enjoyed the private beaches, been on a cookout with s’mores and burnt marshmallows. Enjoyed a great dinner al fresco in an affordable family restaurant. Walk to the beach with a glass of wine or beer to view a spectacular sunset every night. Took a walk along the lake at night--safe and secure.. there are no street lights and you can see billions of stars and a moon to guide you. Sit on the lawn after a great grilled chicken dinner and corn on the cob with some wine….good conversation while you listen to the music of the crickets and the tide rolling in and out. Or quietly show your little ones a fawn on your back lawn eating leaves from a tree.